Level Descriptions

Smackdown offers 3 tiers of partner lindy hop instruction. Please note that we’re very specifically not using the terms “beginner” or “advanced” here. While at a smaller event like Smackdown, classes will probably still be divided by ability, your placement will only be relative to the other dancers there (and even then, really just reflect your skill at classes and level tests, and not at all your value as a dancer).

Level 1

This is not a beginner track (Smackdown does not offer pure beginner instruction), but it will explore developing your fundamentals and furthering your vocabulary. Dancers are expected to be familiar with the fundamentals of Lindy Hop and Charleston for this track (Swingouts, Lindy Circles, basic turns, side-by-side charleston, etc).

Level 2

You know some pretty fancy moves at this point, but are beginning to understand that technique and well-executed moves go hand-in-hand. You know how to dance with a variety of people at a variety of tempos. This track will delve into the world of teaching technique and movement combinations you need to become an advanced dancer.

This track requires an audition.

Level 3

This level is for the seasoned and experienced dancers of Dayton Swing Smackdown. You haven’t done a “move” in ages, you just dance the way the music moves your body. This level will make you strive for excellence in all aspects of your dancing. Level testing will allow dancers to audition for this limited track.

This track requires an audition.

Level Test

Any dancers wishing to join the level 2 or level 3 tracks must appear for the level test Saturday Morning. The test will involve dancing with different partners to different tempos. The judges for the level test will be the instructors.

If our instructors feel you should be in the a level and you feel this was in error, go to the first open track class anyway; the instructors will have instructions to keep their eyes open in the first class for people that should be moved to a different level

One final note: The level test is simply meant to ensure you are in the right track for the weekend which will maximize your learning experience. If an instructor asks you to change class levels, this is for YOUR benefit, so that you will get the most out of the workshop.

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