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Solo Jazz

Entry Fee: $5

Sponsors: TBD

  1. There must be at least 8 individuals registered for the competition to take place.

  2. There are no other stinkin’ rules.

The solo jazz competition is an individual competition which really challenges your creativity and musicality. It’s just you and the music. The finals will consist of the top competitors who are tapped-out during the all-skate, and compete in a spotlight round.

Mix and Match

Entry Fee: $5

Sponsors: TBD

There must be at least 8 leads and 8 follows registered for the competition to take place.

Registration for the M&M will be available both through online preregistration and at the door. M&M registration will be closed at 5pm, preliminaries will happen on Saturday night after the dinner break. Finals will be held during the Saturday late night. The final couples will be announced along with the winners of the team competition near the end of the main dance. Bib numbers for the M&M must be worn at all times in a clearly visible area for the judges during the prelims. During finals, competitors will be randomly paired with a single partner. Only the leads will be required to wear numbers for finals.

The Preliminaries will be all-skate format only, with each heat getting 3 songs: 1 slow to mid tempo (120-150 bpm), 1 mid tempo (150-180), and fast (180-210). Competitors will be paired with a different random partner for each song of the prelim. Finals will be done in an all-skate and jam format with 3 songs, the 2 all-skates being mid tempo (140-180) and the jam being fast (180-220). Each contestant will be given 8 eight-counts during the jam, and will only go through one rotation before finishing the song as an all-skate.

Battle of the Swing Cities Team Competition

Team registration: $55 (per team)

Sponsor: TBD

  • Competition winners are provided a trophy, cash, and event passes.
  • Teams must consist of at least 6 people (No maximum number set).
  • Routine must be at least 2:30 minutes and may not exceed 3:30 minutes in length.
  • While music and choreography should be predominantly “swing”, this event has a history of routines that include non-swing elements. There are no restrictions on the genre of routine songs. Routines should strive for at least 60% swing content in the routine (not a disqualifying offense).

Team members can either register for an full weekend pass, dance pass, or pay the admission price for the Saturday night dance (at the door).

This year we are having an overall Battle Champion, and a Collegiate Cup Champion. Only teams from a college/university swing club will be eligible to win the title of Collegiate Cup Champion. If the team is competing for the Collegiate Cup, all team members must be college students and a member of the team’s swing club. Team members do not have to be from the same college/university.

Teams will be able to conduct a private floor trial during the Saturday lunch and dinner breaks if they choose to do so. A sign up sheet will be emailed to teams ahead of time in order to sign up for floor trials.