Kate Hedin (She/Her) & Bobby White (He/Him)

For almost two decades Kate Hedin has taught Balboa and Lindy Hop around the world and holds almost every major championship title in the modern Balboa era. As a teacher, Kate is passionate about pedagogy, lead/follow mechanics as a way of expression, and follower voice as an integrated part of the dance. She is the creator of several groundbreaking DVDs on Balboa Followers Technique and Aesthetics, as well as other online lessons, which can be found at, and is one of the scene's top Jewel McGowan experts. She is also a highly sought-after judge and DJ.

When she is not teaching dance, she leads a secret double life as a Twitch streamer, that focuses on video games as art, education, entertainment, and human connection. She is *always* ready to geek out about dance, classical music (she has a degree in viola), trapeze, and video games, so please don't be intimidated by her quiet demeanor and asymmetrical hair and ask her anything!

Bobby teaches traditional swing dances around the world, and holds championship titles and placements in Balboa, Lindy Hop, and Solo Jazz. With each, Bobby strives to innovate and create a new voice, while still capturing the spirit of the original dancers. He is the co-director of the Lindy Hop performance group the Harvest Moon Hoppers, which specialize in dancing in the performance style of Whitey's Lindy Hoppers. He is the author of the popular swing dance blog Swungover*, and the book "Practice Swing." As a dancer, he is widely recognized for his floppy hair, and as a teacher, by his sound effects.

Dave Barry (He/Him) & Mandy Hogan (She/Her)

Dave hasn't said no to a dance since finding Lindy Hop in 2012 (seriously). As a teacher, Dave focuses on simple, driving rhythms and deep applicability of foundational concepts. His classes place high value on dynamic following, and inclusive listening from leaders with body mechanics always at the root of his lead/ follow focus. Musically driven with an expansive knowledge of early jazz, RnB, and blues, Dave’s classes incorporate structural musical concepts into every step. Dave has won or placed in major competitions at national and international events including ILHC, Lindyfest, ULHS, Midwest Lindyfest, Arctic Lindy Exchange, and Atlanta Varsity Showdown. At home in Atlanta Dave gives warm homes to wayward CDs and records.

Mandy Hogan began her swing dancing journey at the Anderson University’s swing club in 2007. Over the years, she has traveled all over the Midwest and beyond attending workshops, social dancing, performing, competing, and teaching. On the social dance floor, she is known for her connection, playful energy, and creativity. As an instructor, she currently specializes in Lindy hop, Charleston, vernacular solo jazz and St. Louis Shag.

Christina Cacciatore (She/Her/Hers) & Jony Navarro (He/They)

Christina's dance adventure started in her Nani and Papa's kitchen long before she can remember. When she found Lindy Hop (again) in college, she found joy in connecting with her peers and more deeply with her family history. In the 12 years that have passed since her first formal lesson, Christina has continued to find connection and belonging in the dance - as well as a true love for teaching. Christina's primary focus is in teaching first time dancers and inspiring them to learn, explore, and play more in the dance. Her primary focus as a dancer is creating conversation within partnered dance and moving authentically while dancing solo. Let's explore and play in class!

Jony fell in love with jazz in early 2011 and has since never been the same. He has a constant drive to make art completely his own, which is fueled by a desire for learning. His fascination began with dancing, moved onto jazz music, then continued to black history and culture and beyond.

From the very beginning, Jony has always had very unique ideas when it comes to making art. He excels at inspiring others to think about dance in a different way than they’re used to, often expanding on familiar topics. While conceptual learning drives a lot of his classes, movement and technique play a large part in the learning environment he creates.

Solo movement of every kind has been a staple in Jony’s dancing since they began. Their first love was Charleston, then grew into more of the solo jazz dances. Their love for movement did not stop at jazz, They also cross-trained in tap, ballet, modern, salsa, bachata, and hip-hop, mostly in college courses. Jony encourages everyone to come get weird with him as we explore all the possibilities jazz has to offer.

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